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Hi there!

I’m Jodi

I’m glad you’re here! This is where I make my dreams of DIY projects, home renovations and crafty ideas become reality. {I am serious – I dream of these things} I hope you decide to stick around, and follow along as my husband and I make these dreams a reality.

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Vintage Design for the Modern Home

Styling vintage items and modern-day designs to create that “Welcome Home” look and feel.

Behind the projects

Hi, I’m Jodi

I am the creative soul behind the projects you will find here on Lyndale Drive. I started this blog as a place to document the process of turning our builder grade house into our home. Since starting this blog, we moved! Don’t worry, we didn’t go far…..we moved across the street!

Now we live in a home that I designed. Mike, my husband was so excited for us to finally be in a “new” home that was project free. That still makes me laugh, I though he knew me better than that! Our lives will ALWASY include a home full of projects! He is learning…

Here on Lyndale Drive I will share with you everything I know, and don’t know about the projects I create.

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