yarn wrapped hearts styled in wooden box

How to Make Yarn-Wrapped Hearts

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, these adorable yarn-wrapped hearts are simple to make and can be easily added to your home decor. The best DIY projects are the ones that are simple to make using items you most likely have on hand, you can enlist the help of the “littles” if you like!

Normally Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday I decorate for. However, this year I decided to add these cute little yarn-wrapped hearts to my winter decor. I love the extra texture they add. I tucked mine into the winter greens filling bowls, shelves, and baskets with them. You could also string several of them on a braided yarn chain creating a garland or hot glue them to a grapevine wreath for a cute door decoration.

Yarn wrapped hearts tucked in a wooden box

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Supplies Needed

You probably already have most of these supplies on hand, if not, I have linked some for you below.

  • Yarn, I used cream but pink or red would be perfect too.
  • Scissors
  • Poster board, card stock, or scrap cardboard. I found that white worked best. (or a color that matches your yarn color.
  • Tape or hot glue gun

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How to Make Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Are you ready to throw together the simplest DIY project ever? Let’s get started.

STEP 1. Draw several hearts on a piece of poster board or scrap cardboard if you don’t have poster board on hand. (look in the recycle bin)

Draw heart shapes on poster board

Fold the poster board in half, then draw one half of the heart for a more uniform shaped heart. I made my hearts the same size. Making them in multiple sizes will create a fun effect when layering them in your decor or making a garland or wreath.

STEP 2. Using sharp scissors cut out each heart. Depending on how thick your poster board is, you may want to unfold it before cutting.

Cutting Heart Shapes
Various size heart shapes

STEP 3. Begin by taping the end of the yarn to the center of the heart cutout. You could use hot glue if you didn’t have tape (who doesn’t have tape?).

Tape the yarn to start

STEP 4. Start wrapping the yarn around the heart shape. Be sure to change directions as you go to make it visually interesting. I noticed as I changed directions sometimes I had to hold the yarn in place until I wrapped a couple layers of yarn keeping it in place. The center of the heart will be puffy because of the cross-over of yarn layers.

Begin wrapping yarn

STEP 5. Once you have covered all of the heart-shaped forms with yarn, cut the end and tie it off on the back side of the heart. I noticed that sometimes it was difficult to keep the yarn in place on the heart “curves” and “point”, so using poster board or cardstock the same color as your yarn is helpful.

Tie off the end of yarn

The hardest part of this DIY is deciding where to put them! I love mixing woods and whites, so filling a wooden bowl or a wooden dough bowl with them is the perfect combination.

Easy to make yarn wrapped hearts
yarn wrapped hearts styled in wooden box

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