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Over on Instagram I have a series where I answer questions about weight loss on Wednesdays. I though it would be helpful to add a FAQ section for you to refer to if you ever have a question about weight loss. How to jump start your journey. What to eat. How to stay motivated, anything really! I’m an open book! If a good before and after pic doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what will! Let’s chat!

Questions about weight loss Before and after photo

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Are you still doing WeightWatchers?

Yes! WeightWatchers or any weight loss program for that fact should be a journey that lasts a lifetime. If the plan includes the word “diet” I would run! Most of you who have ever been on a diet will probably agree, they may work short term, but the weight usually comes back x’s 2!
If you think of your weight loss plan as a new lifestyle or a journey, it will become a plan you do for the rest of your life! Think of those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, they don’t go to a month long treatment program and come home cured. They can never use again! They learn life skills to help them cope with their addiction. Food is no different! We need to learn to live with food in a healthy way. In a way that you will follow for the rest of your life!

Questions about weight loss before photo with my reasons why I lost the weight
These little people are a BIG reason I started this new lifestyle!

How much weight did you lose?

I started my journey in 2019 and set my goal to drop 50 lbs! You can read about it here. It took me just under a year to drop that weight. (Now, have I kept it all off, Nope!) I have gained about 10 of that back, but I am working hard to drop it again! Good news, I am still under my goal weight of 125 lbs. I am 5 foot tall for those of you who are wondering

Questions about weight loss, before photo to remind myself how far I have come

What is your go to breakfast?

I am pretty simple and don’t mind eating the same thing every day! So, I eat 2 eggs and a bowl of fruit. I like starting my day off with a meal that fills me up and has zero points! If you need to me fancier than my 2 eggs and fruit, check out the website Skinny Taste – if it weren’t for her site, I don’t know that I would have been successful with my weight loss.

Questions about weight loss before photo in a swimsuit

What do you feel is the best way to lose 15 lbs?

WeightWatchers! I am obviously a believer of this program. It doesn’t matter if you have 10-15 lbs to lose or hundreds! I am here to tell you, if you work the plan, it will WORK! If you want to try it for yourself click here go join!

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Questions about weight loss before photo with my dad

Does your husband follow WW with you?

If he wants to eat – yes! Please keep in mind that WeightWatchers does not require you to buy food from them (you can) but you don’t have to. Honestly you can eat anything you want, you just have to track the points. This is all done on your app. Back to Mike’s diet.
He eats what I cook and he is a food hoarder! He sneaks to the store on his own and buys plenty of junk food. My only ask of him, that he keeps it out of my site…I don’t want to be tempted. Most of the time it doesn’t matter because he likes things like spicy chips that I don’t care for.

Questions about weight loss before weight loss

What kind of yogurt do you feel is best to eat?

Plain Greek yogurt. You can use it in place of sour cream. However if you are wanting to eat it for breakfast and the idea of eating sour cream makes you stomach turn, you can add natural sweeteners like honey and cinnamon to sweeten it up. Try adding fresh fruit too!

Questions about weight loss, before photo with my daughter

How do you reset after you binge?

It’s all a mindset really. I tend to binge a lot on the weekend and by Monday I feel like shit! So it’s easy. I try to drink LOTS of water after a binge and get myself right back on track. I also step on the scale………..if the binge was a doozy the scale usually screams at me and that’s enough to get me back on track. OR if none of those things work, I look at old pictures of myself to remind me of how hard I have worked.

Questions about weight loss, before weight loss photo where I started

How much do you exercise?

NONE! I think I am allergic to it! My face turns read and I always break out in a cold sweat!
In all seriousness, during the time I was working to drop the pounds I started walking 3 miles a day with a friend. We did this for 6 weeks and my weight loss stopped! Now I know this is because by body was building muscle and muscle weights more that fat. Deal is, I didn’t enjoy it so I quit.
Should I be exercising? Absolutely! I do need to work on my muscle mass! My body would take on a great new shape. Still talking myself into some sort of exercise program. You will be the first to know if I start exercising!

Questions about weight loss, before I lost 50 lbs

How do you achieve lifetime on WeightWatchers?

I will let WW answer that! Here is a link to their blog.

If I can answer any of your questions, feel free to leave me a comment! I love chatting with you!

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