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Vintage Farmhouse Spring Decorating Ideas

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Are you ready to be inspired to decorate your home for spring? Regardless of your decorating style, you will surely find something you love in this Spring Home Tour of 25 fabulous bloggers. I am sharing vintage farmhouse spring decorating ideas. In this post you will see how I use greens, florals, and vintage decor pieces to style my home for spring.

Then you can connect with 24 more bloggers for even more Spring decorating ideas. They are sharing all of their Spring Decorating ideas with you, so be sure to check them out using the links at the bottom of this post. Get ready to be inspired!

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Spring hutch styling ideas

You probably just came from Jill’s house at Bungalow 47, isn’t she the best! I met her in person last fall during a blogging conference in Waco, Texas – we became BFF’s immediately! Probably a good thing we don’t live next door to one another – for multiple reasons!

If you’re new here, welcome! I’m Jodi, the personality or crazy soul behind Lyndale Drive.

If you love old, rusty things, mixed with woods and whites, throw in some faux greens (due to my black thumb) and a bit of humor, you are in the right place and I hope you will stick around!

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Finding Inspiration

I’m not going to lie. I struggled with my Spring decor inspiration this year. Normally this hutch that my husband and I gave a huge makeover [you can read about it here] is one of my favorite pieces in my home to style for the seasons. Not this year.

Spring styling ideas

I needed a blank slate so I started by removing EVERYTHING from the shelves and started fresh.

I knew wanted to incorporate these beautiful green antique McCoy nesting bowls that I found on FB Marketplace for a ridiculous amount. Funny story. The original post said vintage bowl $30. I asked if they would take $20 and they said yes. I asked my SIL to pick it up for me. (she lived in the same town) She called to ask me a question and said she would bring the bowl(s) on Sunday. I was like, wait, what? BOWLS?

Score! I got TWO for the price of one. Well actually better than that. If you know anything about McCoy pottery, it can be quite expensive!

Spring Style

How to Start

After clearing off the hutch, I started by placing the green bowls on the shelves. I used these as my anchor or focal point.

When I tell you I struggled this year, I mean, it took me a week of tweaking, moving, re-arranging, stepping back, walking away and almost starting completely over before I finally got this hutch to a place I am happy with. And that’s ok!

I love to display vintage ironstone that I have collected over the years. Most recently I added a few pieces of green and white transferware to my collection. These platters make a great back drop on shelves, or tucked in a basket, or even hung on the wall.

Last year I shared some tips for styling shelving, maybe I would have struggled less if I would have read that blog post before I started!

Spring Tulips

Add Faux Greens and Florals

In my opinion, the look isn’t complete until you have added some faux greens and florals. If you can keep a actual houseplant alive, those work too. (I am not one of those people) I guess you have to water them on a regular basis? Go figure.

The tulips pictured above are some of my favorites! When I tell you they look and FEEL real, it’s no joke! I love adding faux ferns though out my house, there are so many beautiful options these days.

Spring table vignette

Keep it Simple

Let’s take a look at what decorating for spring may look like for some of us. Some go all out and fill their homes with colorful florals. Some will bring out all the bunnies and eggs to celebrate Easter.


Decorating for spring may be as simple as “lighting” up the rooms in your home by organizing and spring cleaning. (I don’t like cleaning – so I decorate!)

I like to put away my heavy cable knit pillows and replace them with lighter linen pillow covers. Same goes for my throw blankets and bedding.

Spring Floral Ideas

What ever your Spring Decorating style, embrace it. Use items you love, clear a room and start fresh, move pieces of furniture and decor from room to room. You will be surprised how moving things around in your own home will make you feel like you spent budget on a room make over!

I flipped our dining and living rooms and LOVE how different the entire space feels. Check it out here.

Thanks for hanging out with me today, be sure to head over to Kimberly’s home @ From Farmhouse to Florida You will love what she has to share!

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  1. Hi Jodi! Oh my goodness, I am totally smitten with your beautiful dining room and shelf decor–pinned! Everything looks lovely to welcome the new season! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. I love love love how you mix in your amazing antiques into your vignettes throughout the room. Your dining room is amazing and so inviting for your friends and family. Thanks so much for joining the tour this season.

  3. Oh my. I just keep looking at that lovely green and white display on your shelves. Just beautiful. Thanks for all the effort you put into your decorating. It certainly paid off.

  4. Jodi, I am in love with all of your springtime touches. Green is my favorite color and you have showcased it beautifully. So happy to be on tour with you!

  5. Jill | Bungalow 47 says:

    Jodi, I’ve already found like 47 things that I want to steal when I visit you! Hahahahaha! Obvi I love everything, including you! You win with all that gorgeous green vintage stuff. And I literally cannot believe you got those fabulous bowls for $20!!!!! xo

  6. Your shelves look so pretty for spring with all the green accents. I’m loving how you display your scales too, especially the one on the kitchen counter! Gorgeous! Happy Spring Jodi!

  7. Calypso in the Country says:

    Wow – I’m loving all the green. So perfect for spring! You really have some beautiful pieces and a beautiful home. Now I want to buy a scale! Great to tour with you!

  8. Carol@Blueskyathome says:

    Jodi, I LOVE your hutch/book shelf with all the spring green decorative items. Your styled it beautifully. The bowls are a great find. I was at Achieve in Waco last fall. Wish I’d met you and Kill. Maybe next year.

  9. Jodi, I LOVE your hutch/book shelf with all the spring green decorative items. Your styled it beautifully. The bowls are a great find. I was at Achieve in Waco last fall. Wish I’d met you and Jill. Maybe next year. Happy Spring.

  10. Jodi, as soon as I scrolled down and saw your picture, I remembered you! We even had dinner together! Now I remember the funny stories you told. Hope to see you again next year.

  11. At the very first photo, I was smitten and had to pick my tongue up off the floor! Your struggles turned out amazing and I adore all the pops of green! It seems to be my new favorite color and you’ve inspired me to find more green bowls, canisters, etc. I can hardly wait to get to an antique store! Thank you for the fun Monday. It was great touring with you last week. Happy Spring!

  12. Kimberly Snyder says:

    Jodi, your home is simply beautiful! I love how you have decorated it! Your hutch is fantastic! Thank you for sharing all of your idea!

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