How to Manage Weight Loss During the Holidays

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Holiday season is upon us. That means, family dinners, cookies, parties, drinks and extra pounds. The struggle is real! Maintaining your weight during the holidays can be hard. Let’s talk about how to manage weight loss during the holidays. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you breeze through the holidays (or special occasion) without gaining an extra 10-20 pounds.

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Drink Your Water

You have a calendar full of holiday parties to attend and all you can think about is how much weight you will gain at each one. Don’t throw your healthy eating out the window. Prior to the party, DRINK your water! I use this pitcher to help me consume 64oz. of water each day. If you drink your water before you go, you will be well hydrated and less likely to over eat or drink.

Favorite water pitcher and water bottle
Drink your water

Pre-Party, Party

A great way to manage your weight loss during the holidays is to hold a pre party. What’s that you say? It’s as simple as eating before you go. If you are worried that you will be tempted to eat all the bad things, then fill up on some good things before you leave the house. I love this Simple Strawberry Salad. There is nothing wrong with saving a little room for something sweet. Go ahead, treat yourself.

Strawberry Salad
Simple Strawberry Salad

Be the Host

Whenever possible, offer to be the holiday gathering host. When you host the party, you control the menu. Put together a delicious “healthy” menu with lots of choices that your guests are sure to love. You worked hard on your weight loss, why ruin it in one day? When you host, you can cook and bake all the things you love to eat, that you know are healthy. There are lots of options out there. One of my favorite websites for healthy recipe ideas is Skinny Taste.

Image from skinny taste website
Photo Credit Skinny Taste

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Know the Menu

So maybe you can’t host every party, but you can offer to bring a dish. I like to bring some healthy options that I know I will enjoy. Charcuterie boards are all the craze these days. They are fun to make and can include almost anything, including healthy options! I made this one last year for a holiday party we went to.

Holiday Charcuterie Bboard
Holiday Charcuterie Board

Enjoy Yourself

Most important thing you can do during the holidays is “enjoy”. It’s ok to let your hair down once in a while, eat that cake, enjoy the cookie, have that drink. But remember, you worked hard to get where you are, don’t throw it all away during one holiday party. And if you do fall off the wagon, get back up and start again. You got this! Happy Holidays!

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