I Flipped Our Living Room and Dining Rooms

I had this crazy idea to flip the living room and dining rooms. I mean, its already one big room, so flipping them wasn’t really a big deal. Except for the fact that I needed Mike’s help moving some big pieces of furniture! (That took some sweet taking). The picture below shows what the dining room looked like before the flip.

Living room and dining room before the flip

The seating space around the dining table on one side (next to the big white cabinet) was tight and there was a lot of “extra” space on the other side. All because I am a little OCD and insisted on having the table centered with the windows and under the chandelier. It looked fine, but didn’t function well.

I’m not gonna lie, we eat at this table once a year, ok – maybe twice, but still…it needs to function! And, who am I kidding, I just felt like a change. You can read more about this beautiful farmhouse table here.

Living room after the flip

This is the same view after the flip! Flipping these rooms also meant that I needed a new chandelier in the living room, because the one we had over the dining table hung low enough that even I could bump my head on it. I found this beautiful antique chandelier on Facebook Marketplace and Mike hung it for me. We will change out the dining room fixture once I find one I love. For now we will keep the ceiling fan.

TV stand in the Living room
This used to be the Living room
Living Room before the flip

Pictured above you can see a before photo of the living room with the fireplace. When I shared my idea of flipping these rooms over on Instagram, so many of you said it would be weird to have a fireplace in the dining room. Well, I personally love it! Look how cozy it is. Maybe Mike and I will have a romantic dinner……………….haha, ok, probably not.

Living room is now the dining room
view of the Living room and dining room
This used to be the Living room

Craziest part of this whole flip, both rooms feel so much bigger! And the best part, I LOVE IT! What do you think?

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  1. I think it looks great and like you said, more functional for that once a year feast. HA. And I really like the fireplace there with the beautiful table.

  2. I love it! I have been wanting to do that very same thing in my house, but because my floor plan is quite different it would be trickier. We don’t have a big “great room” area like you do; rather we have a large(ish) living room with center fireplace and then a separate dining room off of the kitchen. We live in Massachusetts and definitely do use our fireplace/wood stove for heat during the winter but I still think that we could make the switch and use the fireplace. What I need to do is work with graph paper and see how the furniture would fit in each room before I present my case. Back to yours- I love it and wish you many years of enjoyment with it!

  3. I absolutely love it and anticipating the reveal is probably the most exciting thing in my life (that’s not in my life, but whatever….) this week! Will you put a rug under the table? I noticed you had one under there before.

    1. I had planned on putting a rug under the table until I pulled a muscle in my back trying to do it by myself! For now I am going to go without one, but I plan to add one again!

  4. I love it! I do change my furniture around during the winter months. It gives me a chance to clean out my cabinets and woodwork. Love your white slipcovers on your furniture. Where did you get them?

    1. I love changing things up too! Not so good at cleaning out the cabinets and cleaning the woodwork – OOPS! Here is a link to the slip covers https://amzn.to/3iKxchr If this does not work for some reason, you can shop by home on the blog! Most everything is saved in my LTK or Amazon Shop!

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