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SPRING!!!  I don’t know what it is about this time of year or if it’s just me, but I get in the mood to clean and decorate the house with a fresh new look.  I find myself cleaning out closets, dressers, under beds (yeah, I hide stuff there, don’t you?) even Mike starts cleaning the garage.  By this I mean moving MY “project” piles and this makes me nervous!  Those of you that know my husband, know that he loves to burn things in our fire pit!  It’s a really cool place, you can check it out here, but no place for my projects!  The idea of one of them ending up in the fire pit because he is tired of tripping over it in the garage freaks me out!

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So I moved my spring cleaning frenzy to the garage to save my STUFF!  I need to get busy and crank out some projects.  (aka, finish them) Mike and I bought a kitchen table and three chairs on a Facebook Swap page for $50.  I sold the chairs for $30 bringing the price of the table down to $20!  Not a bad deal when all I really wanted were the legs!  Shortly before we moved to Lyndale Drive I refinished our kitchen table and love how it turned out, however since dad and I build his harvest table I have been dreaming of one of my own.  I love this farmhouse table I gave a make over in our new home.


Earlier this month I finally took down the last of my “holiday decorations” from the front porch.  I hung my Hello Spring screen that I painted last year and love the pop of color it gives to our entry.  Last year I had a large Christmas tree on the porch (and no place to put it after the holidays) so I decorated it with hanging Easter eggs. (sometimes a girl has to get creative)  Now that the She Shed is complete I have a place to store that sucker!!!  So this year I changed things up by simply adding these cute little yellow tulips and some forsythia branches.  All that yellow sure makes the porch look bright when all we have had lately is rainy gloomy days!

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As the weather warms, I get excited about throwing up the garage door and busting out the power tools!!!   This makes me laugh as I write it, because it also means I will be hitting my favorite junkin’ spots and more “projects” will soon fill the garage!!  It’s my life and I love it!  The kitchen table isn’t the only project “pile” in the garage at the moment, most of the winter I have been working on painting signs that I will later sell.  Super excited on how they are turning out.  I also have a vanity project that needs my attention  (it’s half way done……like most of my projects!)  does it count that in my mind it can vision it in all it “finished” beauty?!


Obviously I have lots to do so I better get busy!!  Happy Spring!

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