Farmers Market….

Those of you that know me, know that our old house was exactly that….OLD and my decorating style reflected it.  Maybe that’s why I love Joanna Gaines so much…..I only wished Mike was a little more like Chip (and his willingness to do whatever JoJo wants)! Mike says he only acts like that on TV….. don’t ruin my dream honey!

When we moved to the house on Lyndale Drive I really thought I would change up my decorating style, and believe me, I tired.  Before we moved I sold most of my “farmhouse” decor and bought new pieces for the new house.  Here we are, almost a year later and I keep going back to my love of farmhouse style… “out with the NEW and in with the OLD!” 

One piece I made for the kitchen I especially love, My “farmers market” sign!


Here is how I made it:


  • old barn board
  • paint
  • pencil
  • brushes
  • carbon paper
  • tape
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • sandpaper

I created my sign lettering on my computer, once I had the size I liked, I print it.  Sometimes this takes me several times to get the sizing right. 


Next (I cut the excess paper off of each page so the spacing looks right) and tape the the pieces together so the lettering lines up where I want it. 

I determined where the center of my sign would be and used a ruler to make sure the letters are straight and even.

Then I tape the paper to my board, lightly (I like to peek under to see if my transfer is dark enough). 

Next I slide a piece of carbon paper under the first letter and outline the letter with my pencil.  This transfer needs to be dark enough to see the outline (you will fill it in with paint).  Complete this process for each letter.


Next I filled in the outline with black paint.  I like to use flat finish for signs.  Don’t worry about this being perfect.  Have you ever seen an old sign that looks like it was painted yesterday?  Exactly!


Final Step – use sand paper to rough up the lettering to make it appear old!  Easy as that!


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