Simple Spring Table Arrangements

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I recently put together a simple spring table arrangement for our dining room table. Spring table arrangements are so simple to make and added a little touch of spring that I desperately need during all this gloomy weather.

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I headed to Hobby Lobby to look around. We all know what that means, I left with a cart load of stuff!  Good news, Hobby Lobby always has 40% off sales and I try not to buy anything that isn’t on sale.  Let me show you what I got and how I put this simple arrangement together.


I started with this cute bunny figurine.  It was originally $19.99, marked down to $11.99.  I love that it is white and simple.  I knew I would add it to my antique wooden dough bowl so the soft white color with light brown undertones will complement the wooden bowl beautifully.


I added some old books to the bottom of the bowl to prop the bunnies up. You could use anything you have on hand. I have been known to use a box of macaroni if that is all I had handy!


Next I added some greens. The tag was labeled ruscus bush and were $9.99 each marked at 50% off.  I used 3 of them in my arrangement.


I liked these because of the variation of greens and the fact that it is a “smaller bush” with floppy limbs.  I like to keep bushes like this attached to the stem, like I show it the photo above so I can use them again later. They would be easy to add to a clay pot or galvanized bucket when I am done with this arrangement, especially if I can keep them in tact. Some greenery bushes are so big and stiff that they don’t look natural when you add them to an arrangement unless you cut them all apart. Here is my little trick for arranging them in this simple spring arrangement.

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I fold a few of the stems back to the “stalk” and wall-la! 


Next I added some lambs ear greens. I believe these were $3.99 also marked down 50%. I can’t tell you enough how much I love lambs ear! The soft fuzzy texture and dusty white green surface is just gorgeous and adds so much texture. I did have to cut these stems to the length I needed and simply inserted them throughout the ruscus bushes. Next I added stems of the berry bush (which I also cut to length). Berry bushes were $9.99 marked down 50%. The dark green leaves and blueish purple berries add the perfect amount of color and texture to this arrangement.


I put this arrangement together on the table right where you see it here.  I found it easy to walk around the table so I could see all the sides and fill any holes as I added greens and berries.  The final step was adding these sprigs of lavender.  I found these in individual stems and in a bush.  The bush was $13.99 and 50% off, where each stem was $3.99.  I opted for the bush and cut them to the lengths I needed.  


There you have it!  A simple spring table arrangement using different shades of green, blues and purple with tons of texture. All of which can be used again later in another arrangement if you wish!
Now to see more sunny days here in Iowa and to be done with the snow, rain and ice!

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