How to Create a Welcoming front Door

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Nothing says HELLO like a fun porch that welcomes guests and says come on in and stay awhile.  Even before we moved in, I had planned on painting the front door a fun golden yellow, only to discover that the neighbors beat me to it.  Can’t be a copy cat so I changed my mind, which Mike says I am very good at and it drives him crazy. Let me tell you, I found that painting your front door a fun color is a great way to meet your new neighbors!  At least that is what happened on Lyndale Drive!  This is what it looked like when we moved in I love, love, love a blank canvas!

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On Day 2 in our house I dug out the paint brushes and started painting!  I decided on Valspar Crocodile Style, super cute!  I love it with the two tone Gray of the house and white trim.  I have found that I can add seasonal accents in lots of different colors to really spruce it up!  This sample card does nothing for the color – it person it is absolutely gorgeous!!


Wish I had taken a better picture, but you get the idea!

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The neighbor from across the street came over and introduced herself by saying, jeez – we have lived here a year and haven’t painted our door yet!  I said, it’s nice to meet you and you better get busy if you are going to keep up with the Brungardts!

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  1. Abby Strong says:

    Welcome to the blog world, Jodi! I keep dipping one toe in and then taking it out myself. I have several blog apps that I’ve played around with, and I blogged briefly when I had my side business making treats. Anyways – you are so creative – I’m excited that you’re doing this. Maybe you’ll inspire me to get back at it! The “Crocodile Style” is a great color!

  2. Evy Sheldahl says:

    I’m very proud of you! This blog will be perfect for you and all you DIY ideas and projects. Jodi and Mike have done a terrific job of making their new house welcoming. I can’t wait for you to share more……of course I could be a little prejudice as Jodi is my daughter!!! Love you, Mom

  3. Thanks Mom! I have to give you credit for my creativity! I know you say you can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, but you did allow me to constantly rearrange my bedroom and paint, what seemed to be every other week! From rainbows, to neon green and I believe hot pink! WOW! Am I glad I got all that out of my system!

  4. Abby! Thanks for your support! I read that the hardest part to starting is starting! I first registered my blog site in February…….here I am two months later “starting”!

  5. You’re right – starting is the hardest part. Going to rip the band aid soon and do this!!

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