Farmhouse Dining Table

I transformed this authentic farmhouse dining table with some new legs and a little elbow grease. Well, a lot of sanding and a couple of good friends. It is amazing how different it looks today. She was a beauty before I started the project. However, her legs were a little old and wobbly and I was tired of the green paint.

Farmhouse dining table painted green

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It all started with a phone call from a good friend who was on an antique “picking” trip. She called and said, “I have the perfect farmhouse table for you!” She told me it came right out of an old barn and had a beautiful color of green paint on it and the price was right! I was on vacation at the time, so I had to trust her judgment on its beauty, she was right, this thing was amazing!!

Farmhouse dining table before sanding and new legs

I kept it green for a couple years and loved every minute of it. However, like all things in my house, nothing is safe from a DIY or a makeover, this table included! I got a wild hair to drag it out to the driveway and sand it down! It was time for the green to go away, I was ready for a change.

While out in the driveway, breaking by back sanding it down (practically in tears thinking what in the hell did I get myself into?), my neighbor and her husband showed up – each of them grabbed a sander and we went to work.

Sanding down the Farmhouse dining table

I fell in love with this table all over again. You can see the original legs to the table in the picture above. The legs fold up under the table so it could be easily stored away when not in use. (like modern day folding tables we have today). Can you picture it? Sitting out in the barn waiting to be used for a family gathering or to feed the farmhands? The stories this table could tell.

Staining the Farmhouse dining table

The original legs were thin and a bit wobbly, so I decided to add some chunky farmhouse table legs to really transform this table. I love how “beefy” they are. Adding new legs truly transformed this antique farmhouse table into something you would buy today.

Chunky Farmhouse dining table legs
Farmhouse dining table with chunky legs

I mean, look at those legs…………..table legs, not mine! lol The table is everything I dreamed of. I am loving the wood tones with the white in my house. For those of you that I know will ask, I used the stain color special walnut and finished it off with a polyacrylic matte finish.

Farmhouse dining table

That green paint was stubborn and some of it was hard to remove, so I left it, and I love the character it add to the table. Changing out the black chairs for miss matched wooden ones really gives it a farmhouse feel. I can’t tell you how much I love this table.

DIY Farmhouse dining table with chunky legs

Which way do you like better? Green or wood? Drop me a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

Check out this table my dad and I built.

White Paint-4

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    1. Thanks Barb! I absolutely love how much this table has transformed over time! Who know what new legs would do for her!

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