Fall design on a dime

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This year I vowed not to spend any money on my fall decorating and I have to admit, sticking to it has been difficult.  I decided to change things up a bit this year by using all green and white pumpkins.  Over the years I have bought several faux pumpkins, problem is the majority of them are orange.  So I did what anyone would do, I painted them!


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Painting faux pumpkins from orange to white is a time consuming process and takes many coats of paint!  I am here to tell you, the pain staking task of painting them was totally worth the money I saved by buying new!  Faux pumpkins are not cheap!


Paint is!  Painting the pumpkins green was slick!  The paint covered amazing and adding some highlights with white paint helped to make them look more realistic.  Messy, but cute!  It is hard to believe these are the same orange pumpkins I started with.


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I tossed them in a basket and quickly styled the front entry.  Next week I will share more of my green and white fall décor.  Until then check out the fall decorations I shared with you last year by clicking [here].  I’m still dreaming of that mantel~


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  1. Love them! And yes they are crazy expensive.

  2. I love Jarrahdale pumpkins! I am always so drawn to the blue and white! These look great, and the white paint is the perfect color.

  3. Jarrahdale pumpkins! I had to look that up! Thanks for teaching me something new – I just love the color! haha!

  4. Love the pumpkins!!!!! What a fresh, new look for fall. Good for you, making the “old” look new.

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