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I’ve started shopping for vintage pictures because a gal I follow Instagram uses them in her home and I LOVE them!!!  Honestly I have never thought about using vintage pictures in my home.  Probably because when I shop at antique stores I get so overwhelmed looking for all the things I normally shop for and collect that I haven’t even taken the time to look at them.

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While shopping a couple of weeks ago at one of my favorite antique malls I focused my attention toward looking for some vintage pictures.  I found several that I loved but the price tags were out of control!  When my IG buddy finds them at her thrift and antiques stores she pays next to nothing for them.  I found a booth that had vintage pictures that were in plastic sleeves and unframed for a lot less than the framed pictures.  After finding one I really liked, I back tracked through the store to see if I could find a frame to fit it.  I did find several that would work, however with the price of the print and the frame I was back to the price tag I didn’t want to spend.


As I stood there looking at the frame, positioning the print in it, I decided I didn’t really like the print.  It was more of a winter scene.  I seriously considered laying it on a shelf and just walking out of the store.  But I was in an antique mall with lots of vendor booths, that would be just rude to leave it.  I carried it to the cashiers desk along with the other treasures I found and said I had changed my mind on the picture.  She picked up the plastic sleeve and said, “What a cute picture, I love the cows.”  I almost ripped it from her hands, because I KNOW I was just looking at a winter scene!!!  Well, guess what?  There were actually TWO prints, one on each side.

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That would explain why I found a print I loved and later when I looked at it again, I wasn’t so in love with it after all.  To think I almost ditched this vintage print and moved on!  I decided to head to the Salvation Army to see if I could find a frame that would work without breaking the bank.  I found one that isn’t antique, but it will do until something better comes along.

vintage picture

Years ago I collected cows and decorated my kitchen with them.  I don’t know what it is a about a cow that seems so cute to me but I obviously have some weird obsession with them.  And any picture that has an old barn in it……….love them both!!  I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more of these sweet vintage prints.

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