Help me choose new lighting for the deck

With our deck expansion complete I am excited to get started on the remaining deck projects that need attention, including furniture, lighting, and covering that window well!  We are in the grind and working with a company that promises to provide a solution for the window well opening, so I will share more about that when it arrives!  Right now I am focusing on new exterior lighting.  I think you will agree this one is inadequate!  I mean, it doses the job and provides light but it sure is blah and super tiny!


I did some internet shopping and have come up with a few ideas of what I “think” I like/want.  I would love to hear your opinion.  I am leaning towards number  4.  I love the size of it compared to what we currently have and I think it will provide a true statement!


The only lighting on the deck will come this fixture by the back door (for now).  Unless we have a fire going in the fire pit area, which we love to do on these warm summer nights!

Farmhouse Deck Lighting
Lowes 4

Obviously we need furniture too!!  I am envisioning a conversation area that includes a couch, couple of chairs and a coffee table.  The eating area will include a farmhouse table.  I really want to build all of the furniture so this may take some time since I will be recruiting Mike for the build!  I will share our ideas and progress as we get started.  Until then, which light do you like?


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  1. At first I thought I liked #2…..then when I saw the pic of #4 that you posted…..that was my favorite!!!!!! The bigger deck is looking good!!!

  2. Number 4 looks awesome! I agree with a previous post. I would have said #2 but after seeing the photo you posted, I am loving the larger size of #4!!!

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