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My Weight Loss Before and After Journey

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In November of 2019, three days before Thanksgiving I made the decision to join Weightwatchers. That’s right, THREE DAYS BEFORE Thanksgiving! I felt horrible, full, round, too big for my skin and tired. This is me, the day I made that decision. I may look happy on the outside, but I was miserable on the inside.

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Weight Loss Before and After Holding her tummy looking like I'm expecting a baby

I decided on that very day that it was time to “deliver” that baby weight I had been carrying around for almost 30 years. (My baby was 28 at the time) and NO I am not pregnant in this picture! But I weighed more than I did with either of my pregnancies!

Making the decision to change my lifestyle and start a weight loss journey is a very personal one. One that I have been on many times before. I have been a weightwatchers member in the past and know the program works. if you work it! Obviously I didn’t stick with what I knew worked! This time I was determined to be successful and make this a new lifestyle, a forever lifestyle, a journey, NOT A DIET!!

If you want to start making changes to your lifestyle, I encourage you to find your WHY. Why do you want to start a weight loss journey? Something deeper than, “I know I need to”. Really dig deep. My why – My Grandkids! I want to be here and healthy for them as they grow up.

Weight Loss Before and After this is my why

One day our grandkids were here playing and I got down on the floor to play with them. Everything was fine until I attempted to get up! Feelin like a baby elephant rolling around on the floor trying to find my footing and the ability to get up! I had been telling myself for quite sometime that it was “ok” for me to be fluffy! Grandmas are fluffy – right?

I bought clothes that covered the extra weight and felt like I concealed it well. Until I looked at myself naked in the mirror. I was disgusted in myself and couldn’t believe I had allowed myself to get so out of control. So one night as I sat on the couch eating my bowl of ice cream right out of the container I made the decision to change my ways! (After I finished that container)

Weight Loss Before and After, this is me before I started my journey

I signed up for WW on November 25, 2019, three before Thanksgiving and at the start of a pandemic! I attended in person meetings (until the country shut down due to Covid) then I switched to online meetings. Attending meetings held me accountable and I learned a lot from other members. I also had a friend who joined with me, she and I held each other accountable! Weightwatchers also has an amazing app that you download to your phone which gives you everything you need to be successful.

Like everyone, I wanted a quick fix! I made the decision to drop the weight, and I wanted it gone NOW. However, no matter what kind of lifestyle change you are on, you have to remember that you didn’t gain the weight over night, so don’t expect it to come off over night! My WW coach told me if I followed the program I should expect to drop about a pound a week, and that is exactly what I set my mind to! And I DID it!

Weight Loss Before and After

I’m 5′ tall and weighed in on that very first day at 162 pounds. OUCH! I encourage you to take “before” photos. NEVER did I thing I would share this with anyone. Here we are, showing you all my fluffy glory! I wish I would have taken my measurements too! (So do that!)

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My goal was to drop 50 lbs and I did! It took me almost a year to get the weight off. Dropping the pounds over a years time taught me so much, most importantly, that I could and did do it!

Weight Loss Before and After comparison image

Follow along as I share more about my weight loss journey including recipes that I love, tips and tricks that worked for me (including my Pantry and Freezer Must Haves), struggles I have and more. If you want to join me and start your own weight loss journey, click here! Weightwatchers is here to help!

If you have been on a weight loss journey or would like to start one, leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Jodi thank you for your honesty in this blog. Loosing weight is not easy and now it almost feels like it is frowned upon. I too am living the WW lifestyle and love it. I have been at or below goal for a while but feel things creeping up again your inspiration and motivation help. Also love your decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Susan,
    First of all Congrats on being a WW Lifetime member! I found that being public with my weight loss really held me accountable! I will be sharing my journey on my Instagram page as I work to take these darn pounds off again! I hope you will follow along. I also plan to add some recipes I love here on the Blog. So much to share! Thanks for being here!

  3. Lois Moore says:

    Love your blog. Looking forward to seeing more!!

  4. Thanks Lois! I am glad you are enjoying it and I am excited to share more!

  5. Jodi,
    I am in awe of your courage to share your journey. I’m excited to follow your blog as I feel I’ll have a WW friend. I’ve battled with my weight since I was a child, I’m now 69 and it continues. Since Aug. I’ve lost 31 lbs. with probably another 25-30 to go. So thanks again for your inspiration!

  6. Elaine! Congrats on your journey! Let’s do this together!!!!

  7. I so happy I found d your blog. I really had no idea of your journey. Amazing.

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