Spring Table Decor


Spring feels so far away, especially when it is snowing like crazy here in Iowa!  But I scored these gorgeous flowers from my nieces bridal shower yesterday, so I am pretending it is spring. Can you blame me?  I don’t know about you guys, but I love seeing beautiful tablescapes when I scroll through Instagram or Pinerest.  But Really?  Who does this?  I mean, for an everyday table do you set your table up all pretty and leave it set?  I would love to, but let’s be realistic, I have grandkids.  One in particular would drive his tractors all over this table and probably end up breaking a plate or two.

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Then there is Mike.  “Why is the table set?”  “Is someone coming over?”  Me:  “No, I put them there because they look pretty”  Him: “Huh?”  So I took some pretty pictures and put it all away.   It’s what I do :), blog life!


I absolutely love this dining table that I transformed when we moved into this house.  You can read about it [here].  However when we move to the new house, I am really wanting a new table. Something more like the table Dad and I built for the lake house.  Mike and I have a project list a mile long, I hope we can get them all done before we move! You can read about my farmhouse table in the new house Here.


In the new house we will have some open shelving in the kitchen.  Not sure what I will put on them, but I bought some new plates from Kohl’s in case I want to show them off.  My old dishes were probably 20 years old, I think it was time for some new one’s, don’t you agree?

Spring Tablescape

The wicker chairs were a steal from a FB swap page, originally purchased from Pier One for $200 ea.  I stole them for $150 for the pair. The jute chargers are from Kohl’s, pretty sure I found them on clearance. Love me some good deals.  And my table runner from Target’s new Magnolia line. Check out this spring table arrangement.

Keep warm and think spring.

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  1. Oh, your table does look like Spring and is so pretty!! Then, I turn and look out my window and it is snowing like crazy!!! Oh well, this is Iowa and I love having four seasons. Love your blog!

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