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Today I had an appointment with our cabinet designer for the [new house].  She and I were going over all the details of my “vision”.  Let me tell you, she is good!  She was totally picking up what I was laying down!  (I think that is trucker talk)  During the meeting I remembered why I started a blog.  To share our story and home projects with the world.  Well, wait!  Lets be honest, I don’t have enough followers to say I am sharing with the world!  So let’s just say I am sharing it with my little corner of the world.  But it’s out there if the world really wants to follow along.

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Back to the point.  I love decorating, designing and working on various projects.  Most of them I accomplish on my own, however to be completely honest with you, I usually con Mike into helping at some point.  When the projects are finished we usually have a story to tell.  How we did it, what we fought about along the way and how it turned out!  Sharing these projects and our story is what I love to do! Those of you that know me, know that I can be funny at times and normally make fun of myself and most often, make fun of Mike (sorry Honey) along the way.

Kitchen blue print

During my meeting today I told Marie (our cabinet designer) about my blog. She asked if I had to be pretty diligent about keeping on a schedule and being consistent with blogging.  I laughed out loud and said, “If I were good at blogging I probably would be more diligent”.  She asked if I had a You Tube channel?  I laughed again and said, “who the *** would want to watch videos of this ugly mug”!  Then she laughed!  That was all the confirmation I needed, no You Tube channel for this girl!

What I realized during the meeting with Marie is this.  Lately my blog has suffered because I have forgotten to tell my story.  I have forgotten to just be me.  I have forgotten to tell the story about the things I love to do.  And most of all, I have forgotten to have fun while I am doing all of these things.

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Kitchen cabinet full view

Marie is helping me with the design of our cabinet layouts for the master bath, guest baths, wet bar and kitchen.  Let me tell you, this is so fun!!!  Until they send you the quote!  My builder Kyle said I have good taste.  I think they call it champagne taste on beer wages!  Meeting with Marie today was extremely important because I can’t afford my champagne taste!  Below you will see a sneak preview of my vision with some color.


As long as I can remember I have wanted to use an antique merchant counter for an island in my kitchen.  Funny thing, when Dad and I were building the [Harvest Table] I told him that the workbench in his garage would make a pretty cool island in someone’s kitchen.  Pretty sure dad thought I was joking.  When we decided to build, I asked him about using it in my home.  He said, “I hope you are joking.”  Even though he knew I wasn’t.  I took his subtle advise and dropped that idea.  Thank God Mike and I aren’t afraid to tackle a good project!  I have this great idea, and honestly I think Mike is a bit afraid.  My vision of this island is going to be a beauty! I can’t wait to share it with you in person.

You know this island idea of mine will have a good story when we get it done!  Stay tuned!  Be sure to follow me on Pinterest, I have been pinning ideas like crazy and can’t wait for all of these visions to come together.

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