Allie Kay’s Special Day

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Our beautiful granddaughter, Miss Allie Kay, became a child of God on Sunday.  And we all know getting ready for any sort of celebration or party takes some planning and lots of work!  Whitney asked if I could come up a day early and help her get ready for Allie’s first party.   I live about an hour away from the kids and try to take advantage of any situation I can to “be there”!  Early Saturday morning I headed up to their house to help with the party prep.  Whitney had an entire list of things that needed done to prepare for the dinner after the baptism.

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First things first, I need to love on these girls!  Whitney also knows that I love to decorate and design new spaces……..and her house is not off limits!  I took it upon myself to take her Christmas wreath down from the front door….it was time!  And I finished a project we started before Allie Kay arrived, the nursery.  I’ll share Allie’s sweet room in my next blog post.

While Whitney was busy crossing things off her list, I kept busy feeding the baby, chasing a two year old and really doing nothing more than that!  I needed to use Allie in the photo shoot of her new room, and while I was getting her all ready for the pictures, she woke up!  OOPS!  Since you are awake and all bright eyed and oh so happy………..Grammy should take some pics of you and your sister Ava Jean!

We were pretty sure we wouldn’t have much time (or happy babies) after church, so we took advantage of the time we had.   Allie Kay tried on her baptism dress, which she looked like a little angel in and Ava Jean put on her “princess” dress and pink “bo bo” for her hair.  Allie was an easy subject.  All she had to do was lay there and look cute!  I think you will agree, she did a good job.

Ava Jean was being a BIG helper……….you can see the wet wipe in her hand.  Between shots she wiped Allies, mouth, nose and eyes!  Such a big helper….poor Allie.  The photo above looks like Allie is about to bop her sister on the nose or give her a fist bump!  Either of which I am sure won’t be the last for these too.

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The pictures below are typical of our Ava.  Sweet (on her terms)  Sassy (we wouldn’t have her any other way) and doing the exact opposite of what we ask.  I had to post this series of pics because them make me laugh!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

At the end of the day, Allie was over getting her picture taken (and kisses from her sister).  Whitney had prepared an amazing dinner for the baptism and made her first ever batch of chocolate coved strawberries.  They were delicious!!!

This sweet angel is a Child of God.

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