She Needs a Coat

When we moved to Lyndale Drive I had one requirement – I get to park in the attached garage!   Those of you that know us, know that our old house had a 2-car detached garage, better known as the Two Car Bar.  We lived in that place and there was no room for a car!  Fast forward to today……….there is STILL no room in the garage for my car.  However, I am excited to announce Mike has started the shed!  I am going to call it a “She Shed” because it will have a cute little porch (more places for me to decorate) and it will be the cutest shed you’ve ever seen!  Maybe I should call it Lyndale Drive 2.  Our goal in the end is for it to look something like this.


You voted here and helped to pick the design…….it’s the one I wanted, I might have swayed the votes a little – but thanks for your vote!   I can’t say this has been a quick build – but a start is a start…………right?  I am pushing to have it done by the time snow flies, I don’t think that is too much to ask!  He has a pretty good start and I know his plan is to get more done over the Labor Day Weekend.  (<— that’s appropriate!) Take a look!


We have only had one “deer in the headlights” conversation where I had to pull out the paper and pencil so Mike could SEE it my way.  Pretty sure he understands – he is so good at this game!


Last week I posted this photo on my Facebook Page (you can follow me here) and asked for your advice on a paint color.  That vote ended in a 50/50 split.  So I am asking for your help again!  Should the She Shed get a new coat of  Gray with White Trim or go bold and give her a coat of RED with White trim?


Leave a comment below and help me decide! Share this post on your Facebook page, ask your friends and family and co workers to chime in!!!  I really want to hear your thoughts…………….so help a sister out, would ya…………a girl needs a coat!

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