Time for a shed………

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Building a shed has been on our radar since we moved in last July.  Lumber has been stored in the garage for almost a year in prep for the “said shed” and has taken over the parking spot of the “wax mobile”!  <<—she don’t like it in the driveway!

With the “man cave” nearly complete – it is Mike and Jodi style to start another project before we have completely finished the other……(welcome to our world).

Shed Criteria:

  • At least (2) windows – Jodi’s request
  • People door – Mike and Jodi’s request
  • Garage door (or double door) – Mikes request
  • Look similar to our house – Jodi’s request
  • Cute! – Jodi……duh!
  • Big – Mike……..does that surprise you?

We know the shed dimensions will be 12×16 – (go big or go home, right?!) and Mike says he has a plan design in his head (this scares me to death) so I went to the internet for some inspiration……..here is what I have come up with so far! 

My top pick – Looks like a “She Shed” – I could live in this one!!

I like the idea of a porch………..

shed 4

Maybe a little too “log cabin looking”?

Shed 5

An example of what I DON’T want! ………………. (I am afraid this is Mike’s idea)

Shed 7

Another porch idea……….

Shed 8

Shed 6

No porch, still cute! (I don’t need the little window addition on top, whatever it is called)

Love the roof style of this shed, it looks like our house.  Mike said he would have to call in the professionals for a roof like this. (so it will more than likely be scratched from the plan design ideas)

Remember I kind of like matchy, matchy and our house looks like this, kinda – I have made a few changes!!


Which one would you pick?

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  1. Susan folkmann says:

    I like the first one.

  2. I like the she shed!

  3. Meee toooo – I will twist his arm to build your deck cooler built first!

  4. I do too! Hope Mike will agree!

  5. Pamela Holcomb says:

    I like the one with the porch,

  6. Evy Sheldahl says:

    I like #1. I like the deck idea better than a porch….porch with railings will confine. I’m just a little confused….is this to be your storage shed or Mike’s?

  7. Mine – his! My look, his junk! Lol

  8. Kimberly Edwards says:

    I would pick your pick first and then the one Mike days needs a professional roofer…

  9. #6 !!!

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