Master bedroom night stands

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When I started dreaming of shiplap on the master bedroom wall, and pinning all kinds of cute night stand ideas, I had no idea how hard it would be to find two night stands that are the same height.  Especially since I wasn’t really looking for night stands that are store-bought.  (I didn’t think I wanted them all matchy, matchy).  I guess I was wrong, because I love the twin look of these night stands!

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It all started with THIS table and a dream, I mean really…!!!…… I dreamed about this table and the end results!


I know what you are thinking, “Jodi, this table looks more like a nightmare!” 

A friend of mine has this awesome vintage swap page on Facebook where she sells amazing “old treasures”.  She posted this table for $25.  Unfortunately I wasn’t the first one to respond so I missed out on this rough little beauty.  I did try to send a FB message to the buyer to see if she would be willing to give it up for me. Unfortunately, she said she really needed it…….I was so sad. I even dreamed of the table and the project I had in mind for it.  

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Any who!  The next day, I was at my friend’s house to pick up a different table and the BUYER for my dream table was there!!!  She started asking me about the “new” table I was going to buy and I told her I didn’t know if I was going to actually get it……..well the story turns out, we traded tables and my dreams came true!!!  <–that NEVER happens!

Here’s how my night stand dream came true!

First thing I did when I got it home was to tear it apart! 


First I removed the “extenders”  (the mechanism that allowed the table to be extended out so leaves could be added). 

Next I removed the screws that attached the apron and legs to the top so I could separate them.  (sorry I don’t have pictures of all this)

Mike got out his saw and cut a total of 10-1/2″ out of the center of the table – making 4 pieces.


In the piece you see above, the 10-1/2′ was cut from the space between the two sections.  Again I didn’t take a good picture (sorry) and I really want to draw a picture for you!!!  haha – this is what I do for Mike when he starts to give me that “I have no idea what you are talking about look”!  Ok – no drawings for you so hang in there – I think you will get it! 

I then attached two pieces to make one.  The two pieces that I attached were the two pieced that would normally separate so you could add a leaf…….there is that clear as mud?!  If not, just look at the picture below and fall in love with my new night stands!


Can you see it now?!  This is what I dreamed of!!  I love it when a dream comes true!!!  This cool old table even still had the original marble casters.  I think the night stands turned out so cute!!!  

Here is how I attached them to the wall – since they only have two legs…………had to do something to hold them in place!



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  1. Love your finished bedroom!!! Again, another great project completed! You have more energy than I can imagine!!!! What’s the next project??

  2. Thanks Mom!!! What is my next project? The list is so LONG I am not sure where I will start!

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