Junk finds – New “old things” updated!

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Remember these junk finds?  A couple of the pieces Mike and I picked up while we were out junking a month or so ago?!  I thought I would give you an update to my post New “old things”


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We picked up an old Shop-Vac canister and a metal table.  Both pieces were bought to use in the mancave (still need a name for that place), and they needed some adjustments – Of course they do, they are junk finds!  I bet you are wondering what I did with them?  Especially the Shop-Vac?!  I mean really, who would decorate with an old vacuum?  ha ha……me!

Well here it is My New “old” Shop-Vac!


I got out my Kreg Jig, a jig saw and some scrap wood and made a top for it!  Since it’s on casters it can easily be moved around the sofa and used as a table.  It also doubles as our blanket storage!  Before you get all creepy crawly about me storing blankets in an old vacuum….. I cleaned it out with bleach water and coated it with a spray clear coat. All the old pieces I bring home that are kinda dirty looking and rusty, I clean (a little – removing all the dirt can ruin the look) and spray with clear coat!  There……the blankets are safe!

And that simple metal table (looked like it came out of a high school chemistry classroom) <-who knows!  I thought it would make the perfect table for Mike.  He wasn’t sold on it when we bought it.  I swear, he NEVER sees my vision, no matter how LOUD I explain it to him!  Oh well, he can be trained.  This fun little table has casters too, so it can be easily moved if needed.

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I made a simple shelf for the bottom, using my Kreg Jig and some more scrap wood,  I added the card catalog for “hidden” storage.


We have little fingers that visit our house (Daxten LOVES the remote!!) and PaPa does not like his channel changed and Grammy has no idea how to run the darn thing when Daxten reprograms the TV, so the card catalog works perfectly to hide the remote.   I don’t know about you, but I don’t like them laying around……..along with cell phone cords, pencils, pens and other random items found on Mike’s end table………back scratcher……..aaarrrrgggg…….

There you go, all updated on my Junk finds!!  Some of them!  I have a new friend that keeps me in the loop with some really cool old JUNK!!  I also have my schedule set for a couple more junkin’ trips……………Oh Lord help me!

How about a sneak peak at my next project?  Can you guess what I will do with this piece?


Stay tuned and I’ll show you!!  I am super excited about this one……….I even dreamed about it!!!  <—  I know, I am a little crazy that way!  So the surprise is over, you can see the finished project here

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