Dimming the Light That Shines in The Night

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Mike and I both have our favorite places in the house, his the man cave and mine, the master bedroom.  I have been working on our bedroom since we moved in and I am loving how it is shaping up.  Adding the shiplap wall totally changed the look of the room and I love the way our new night stands tuned out.  One thing that has needed improvement since we moved in are the window coverings.

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The first night in the new house, Mike and I were exhausted from moving all day, but too tired to sleep………you know the feeling?  We were laying in bed, and quickly realized we need curtains!!  We have a ginormous window in our master and right outside is a street light!  Since our bedroom is on the second floor the street light is more like a spot light!  I hung curtains the next day!

It has been just over a year with the curtains hung and I do love them, however they still let in a lot of light.  Time for some shades!!  The trouble with shades and our windows are this.  The window has a large center pane of glass that does not open and a slider window on each side.  I didn’t want one large shade because there may be a time when I only want to open one side window and not both.  So I thought ordering three shades would be best.

To help us out dim the bright light that shines in on us in the middle of the night, I am honored to have partnered with Select Blinds on this sponsored post.


I have to say, Select Blinds representatives were great to work with and answered all my questions (I had a few!).  They sent me this awesome sample kit which made the selection process much easier!  Well, kind of………..I hate making decisions like these………..should I go with 2 inch wood or bamboo, white or wood grain………..arggg………

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Well, I finally made the decision and selected these beautiful bamboo no cord shades.  I love the way the bamboo ties in the oak pieces I have used through out the room!  (I had a plan B – if I don’t like them in the bedroom, they will fit the living room window too, so I wasn’t too worried!!!)


I Guess I will have to get more, because I’m keeping them in the master!!  I added the room darkening feature to the shades due to Mikes odd working schedule.  He often sleeps in the basement because it is darker than our bedroom.  That’s a silly place to sleep when we have a perfectly good bed in a pitch black room when the shades are drawn! Good Night, sleep tight………….all night………….or day!

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