Living Room Mini Makeover

Last week Mike and I took vacation and stayed home to work on projects.  Mike’s job for the week was to put an addition on our deck.  I planned to get some of my projects finished.  Honestly neither one of us finished anything, but we did relax and enjoy some time on our boat!  I will share the deck expansion when it is finished, I am super pumped about the extra room we will have!


One thing I did accomplish was a mini makeover for this end table in the living room.  This entire room gives me heartburn!  It is the most difficult room in the house for me to style.  There is really only one option for furniture placement, wall space is limited and you know how I dislike having the television above the fireplace.  Sometimes changing up a small space in this room or making some new pillow covers is all I need to make me happy.  I honor of our  “stay-cation” I thought it would be appropriate to find a place for these vintage suitcases that I pulled from an old barn.


You could say I got something finished.  I moved these from the garage, cleaned them up and styled them all cute!  Check that off my list!  I picked up this crate at a flea market years ago and recently added the graphic to the front [see how here].  We use it as a coffee table and I am loving how the worn black leather suitcases look setting on top of the crate.  When styling a coffee table I try to always add something green, lighting of some type, books (or suitcases) for height, decorative accents.  Often times I will use a tray, however in this arrangement it would not work.


A mini makeover like this one doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  Shop your house for items that you use in other rooms and simply change things up a little.  New views in this room make me happy and free of heartburn!

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