Inexpensive Fireplace Makeover

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Alright you guys, you know that I have been wanting to get rid of the TV above the fireplace.   Remember this [post] from last fall?  I hate having a ginormous TV as the focal point of the living room.  But let’s be real, it’s the American way and It’s what we do……..arrrrg!  And it’s ugly!  I did a little poll on my Facebook page asking your opinion on an idea I had to update the space (since the TV won’t been going anywhere anytime soon).  [insert sad face]

This is kind of how it started.  I added the white dresser to one side of the fireplace and asked what you though about adding one to the other side.  Sorry for the horrible photo – it was a last minute idea and I quickly took a pic with my good ole iPhone!

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Even Tader took some time to look at the situation.  Really – I am shocked he was even awake.  I snapped this pic and all of you said to add another dresser.  I just happened to have an extra one that I had rescued from my grandmothers home years ago.  I gave it a quick coat of paint and here is what I ended up with!


I really want to paint the fireplace surround and mantel white.  What do you think?  Keep it dark or paint it?  Since I probably won’t be getting rid of the TV, I have an idea to cover it up when we aren’t using it.  I am sure it will drive Mike cray cray…………but that is what I am supposed to do isn’t it?!  lol.  I’ll share that idea with you later.

Until then, I hope you enjoy this new look as much as I do!  These will be fun spaces to decorate for the holidays too!!


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I am even crushing on my own fall decorations.  I mean is that really possible?  The neutral fall theme and all the super cute green and white pumpkins and gourds are really pulling the look together this fall!  Like I said – fun places to decorate for the holidays…………is it Christmas yet?I added pumpkins and gourds to this antique strawberry basket and filled it with some greens to soften the edges.  And that throw!  I fell in love with it when I first saw it on IG and had to order one.  It is super soft and can be used as a throw, beach towel or even a blanket scarf!  Check it out @ Artizen Home  they have lots of beautiful throws!


This dresser is filled with a few of my favorite finds!  You can find the reproduction scale in the first picture and the ammunition canister below at Antique Farmhouse, one of my favorite websites to find vintage reproductions.  The tobacco basket came from Hobby Lobby another store that seems to know me by name!

Hope you have enjoyed the fireplace makeover – until I paint!  I would love to hear from you, leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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  1. Darlene Rose says:

    I love the two dressers and the decorations are perfect. Paint the surround white, if Mike doesn’t freak out. Lol Darlene

  2. Thanks for weighing in Darlene!! I have a plan for Mike on “paint” day!! I will keep him busy in the garage on another project. Once the mantel is painted, I am guessing it will take him a couple of weeks to notice! LOL

  3. Kim Northcutt says:

    Love the white dressers. I would definitely paint the fireplace surround/mantel white!
    Happy Fall!

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