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Check out this beautiful vintage card catalog I bought from my friend Karen!  I am calling it a card catalog even though I think it actually came out of an old shed and has been repurposed to become this beauty!  I have an idea to update it a little more by adding the actual Card Catalog drawer pulls to it.  We will see.  For now I will continue to love it just like this.I am also excited to share these pictures because as you know, I have been trying to learn how to use this camera and photo editing software.  I’m getting it, however I have a LONG way to go!

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Check out this shot from my iPhone that I took of my camera taking this shot.  The image on the right is before any photo editing.  I am showing you this so you will understand how dark it was in the room when I took the picture.  Ok, so you don’t really care, but I thought it was super cool!  And after a little editing.
Funny how I have a new high tech camera that I am learning to use and in this photo you see my vintage camera collection.  I absolutely love using old pieces like this in my décor.  This cathedral window frame is one of my favorite pieces in the house (even though it is not old).  This window is how I met my buddy Karen.  I call her my junk friend Karen, she has the best junk!  Check out this [post] to see how much this space has transformed!


I could drive myself crazy filling up these drawers, so it is best I keep them empty.  However the grandkids love to fill them with all kinds of surprises!  Tractors, trash and rocks to list a few of the surprises I have found!
Happy Fall!

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