Easy DIY Farmhouse Table

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This project is an oldie but a goodie!

oak-table, diy farmhouse table

I bought this table over 20 years ago.  I can remember the day like it was yesterday, Mom and I stood in the Oak Express store (they sold everything oak, including waterbeds……remember those?!).  I was freaking out about spending $399 on a table and 4 chairs – that was as much as my RENT!  As a single mom with two young kids and a budget of ZERO! I can remember Mom saying to me “it’s oak and worth the money, you will have this table forever”.

Well, she was right – I have had it for years!  The chairs are long gone and I have added a mixed matched set of old chairs and a bench……..love them!  The chair seats are up next for a makeover – stay tuned for those.

Before we moved I wanted change up this table.  I had been seeing all kinds of transformations from the “old oak” style to an updated version.  Here is how I transformed mine!

I started with a sander:


I remove all the varnish and stain on the top and skirt.  For the base and legs, I lightly sanded them (enough to remove the gloss varnish).  Then I taped off the top with plastic, covering all parts I didn’t want painted.
I then used a cream colored spray paint to cover the base, legs and chairs.  This took several coats and a light sanding between each coat.  Sorry I didn’t get a picture of this part of the process.

diy farmhouse table


When we moved to the house on Lyndale Dr. the builder left the stain used for our cabinets, Diamond Vogel Espresso, how perfect is that!  So I stained and finish the top once we moved in.  One coat of stain is all it needed – the table completely transformed before my eyes – beautiful.  I had considered building a farmhouse style table, however after this transformation, I think I will keep my “old oak” table for a few more years.  

This table has served a lot of meals and truly has been worth the money.  So I will keep her around until I get brave enough to make a farmhouse style table of my own. 

update-an-old-oak-table, diy farmhouse table

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