Got Paint? Black Garage Door Upgrade

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One of the best ways to make a big impact in your decorating style is to add paint!  It is simple and inexpensive – anyone can do it! Here is our black garage door upgrade…


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Like adding color to our front door, I decided to paint the garage door and concrete foundation.  Let me tell you, every time I lay a new project idea on Mike he gives me a “deer in the headlights” look and immediately starts rejecting the idea before I even start.  I then have to get out my visual tools: Pen, paper, Pinterest boards…….what ever it takes to get him to “see” my vision.  This process usually starts with a quick argument, me doing a lot of talking and Mike looking less like a frightened deer and I proceed with my project!  End the end he most generally likes what I do.

I used Valspar, Tomcat.  In this picture it is hard to see but the front facade on both sides of the garage and porch pillar are stone.  I matched the new garage door color to the stone. I think I went wrong when I told Mike I wanted to paint the door black……..maybe he wouldn’t have been so worried if I would have told him Tomcat?  I doubt it, but now that the door is painted – I LOVE it, and I am pretty sure Mike does too!

garage door upgrade

Here is a Before picture……….boring!


Let me tell you, painting the garage door is pretty simple, just be sure to follow a few quick prep steps.

  1. Tape off anything you don’t want paint on: side rails, windows, rubber molding and entry handles.
  2. Use a roller for the big areas and brush for trimming around the windows and rubber molding
  3. Let dry and enjoy
garage door makeover

I’m in love!

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  1. I’m curious as to exactly what paint you used; and are you happy with the results? How’s it holding up?

  2. Ginger, Thanks for your questions, I have added the paint information to my post!

  3. Looks beautiful. What finish Flat or semi gloss? Thanks.

  4. I used a semi gloss

  5. What color is?

  6. How is it holding up? I want to do this eith my house but am concerned with fading and dirt being easily visible

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