Converting Can Lights

In my last [post] I shared with you that we are going to build our dream house.  We are deep into the planning/design process of the new house, including the grueling process of selecting lighting fixtures.  Our current home was a spec home, so the lighting fixtures were already selected.  Our kitchen island had recessed lights overhead and I really wanted pendant lights. Let me tell you, converting your recessed lights is easier than you think. No electrician needed. This is a before photo of our kitchen island with recessed lights.

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Now, I wish I could give you step by step instructions on how to install this awesome product, but honestly I can’t remember exactly how it all came together.  I took pictures, which wasn’t easy, considering I was working over my head, tools in one and a camera in the other.  The recessed light converter pictured below includes the step by step instructions, so I don’t think you need my unprofessional photos!  You can purchase it here. I completed this project all by myself, so it can’t be that hard!


The instructions make it look super simple.  You know, screw the light converter into the socket, screw the bracket into the side of the recessed can and hang the pendant.  Easy right?!  Not so much.  Any job that requires you to work over your head sucks!!!  The step where you screw the bracket into the existing can light fixture caused me to swear a little, but as you can see I got the job done.


I found these fixtures on a Facebook swap page for $35 for all three of them!  Pretty sure I found the same fixture new, online for $130 each.  I really like how the brushed stainless steel pendent lights coordinate perfectly with [cabinet hardware] and the appliances.  My decorating style is definitely farmhouse.  I really don’t like that “title”, what does farmhouse really mean?  I like antiques, vintage pieces and the look of old, so living in a home built for todays style, makes it a challenge to incorporate design changes that fit my style and the overall design of the home.

So until our new home is completed, I will continue to add my touch of style to this house, making it a home.

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