Celebrating Baby Ava Jean

This past weekend my beautiful Granddaughter Ava Jean was baptized.  We gathered together with family and celebrated this beautiful baby as she begins her journey as a child of God.  It was so much fun, this little baby is just the sweetest girl. She is one of many facial expressions, all of them make her Grammy laugh!  I never knew how full my heart could be until I had grandchildren!

Ava 1

Pictured above (My mom Evy, My daughter Whitney, Baby Ava Jean and Me!)

It seems like a short 8 months ago,  Ava’s mommy and daddy were preparing for her arrival.  They bought her a crib, dresser, and a comfy rocking chair (and plenty of other baby essentials!).  Then called Grammy to come help decorate her room!  eeeeekkkkk!!!!!

I would have to say, decorating a child’s bedroom is one of my favorite things to do, even more so when it is my grandchild!


Ava’s mom wanted to make sure that the room could be used for future children with only a few minor changes (maybe pink -to-blue?).  Her Daddy on the other hand, didn’t understand why we needed to change anything in there!  What is wrong with the “tan” walls?  Well, nothing…………but we are going to paint them!

{I have to apologize for the poor quality photos – they were taken quickly on my cell phone – pre-blog}


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We decided to paint the room Online Gray by Sherman Williams with wide Alabaster stripes on the crib wall.  Daddy got involved with making sure the “stripes were straight”!  <–He is such a perfectionist! —-probably why he married my daughter :)—–

All of the accent pieces (open frame, love above the bed, coat hooks and end table) we painted Desire Pink, also from Sherman Williams.


I made the canvas pictures hanging above Ava’s dresser by painting them with the same colors in her room.  I painted two canvas’s pink and two of the cream.  I added gray polka dots to one pink canvas and attached a metal arrow to the other one to give it some definition and dimension.  Her name was kept a secret until she was born (can’t believe Whitney could keep that from ME!!) so I added the pink “A”  to one of the cream canvas’s after she arrived.


Whitney loves this bible verse, so I painted a pink heart on the cream canvas.  Then I typed the bible verse in a word document to determine the size and style of font I wanted.  Once I had this perfected I printed the words, cut them out and placed them where I wanted them on the canvas and transferred them to the canvas using carbon paper.  Then I filled in the letters with my paint. – Simple – anyone can copy!


I think Miss Ava Jean loves her room as much as we love her!  Bless you beautiful baby girl!


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  1. I’ve seen Ava’s room many times and every time I’m in it my heart does a Happy Dance!! I feel the love and talent of my daughter, the caring and love of my granddaughter and the sweet hugs and kisses of my great granddaughter!!!! This mom, grandmother and great grandma is truly blessed!!! Jodi does such beautiful designs…they are God given talents because she sure didn’t get her talent from me!!!!!! I love your blog Jodi!!!!!

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