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Simple DIY Spring Wreath

I am not inventing the wheel here or showing you some amazing project you haven’t seen a thousand times on Pinterest.  However I hope I will inspire you to make some a simple DIY spring wreath on your own because they are SO SIMPLE!!!

When I set out to buy the supplies I really wanted a gold ring as my base.  Hobby Lobby never lets me down…………until today.  I ended up coming home with an embroidery hoop, my second choice.

I linked some 8 inch gold rings for you here.


Not gold, but nothing a little spray paint can’t fix!  And for $1.99, they will work just fine.  I found them it the floral department and had to wash them with some Dawn dish soap because they had some sort of oily coating on them.  In order for the spray paint to stick, this had to be cleaned off.


Grab some gold spray paint at Michael’s and use the 40% off coupon they always have on line, score.  I picked up some simple greens at Hobby Lobby.  I like using greens that include stems that are each wired. This makes it easier when arranging the pieces you will cut for the wreath.


I started by cutting the wired stems into individual pieces and attaching them one by one to the ring.  I used gold floral wire that I had on hand.  You cold hot glue them or even use fishing line to attach them.  Since the cut pieces are wired all the way to the tip, you can also wrap them around the ring to help hold in place. I found these cute floral pics online that I think would work well!


Keep adding greens until you like the look.  I used 3 stems for each wreath because I wanted to keep it airy and simple.  I also added a little sprig of green berries from a different greener stem to add some visual interest.

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Attach a ribbon or twine and hang them!  So simple and so cute!

How to make a Spring Wreath
Cute DIY Spring Wreath
DIY Spring Wreath

Get busy and make yourself a DIY Spring Wreath!! I promise they are “that” simple.

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