Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

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I wanted to share with you a quick little project that Mike and I finished during the ice storm we had a while back.  That ice storm proved to be a pretty productive weekend for starting and finishing projects.  I worked on the ugly junk sale chairs (you can see my progress here), made some new pillows, experimented with getting the “yellow” out of white sheets and added these beauties to the kitchen cabinets!


I am pretty sure we kept putting this project on the back burner because we were……………..well,  because we were SCARED!  Yeah, you heard me – the DIY duo scared!  One would think that a simple little project like adding hardware to your kitchen cabinetry would be a breeze – right?!  Yeah, until you miss mark, drill and now have holes in the WRONG place……… your brand new cabinets!!!   It happens…………thankfully in the garage!

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We discovered this something really cool – to prevent situations like the picture above! 


This little gadget by Kreg Tool –  the Cabinet Hardware Jig calmed our fears of drilling in the wrong place!  Once we determined where we wanted our drawer pulls and knobs located we simply measured, set the jig at the correct measurements and started drilling!  All in the same spot, with no errors!!!  NICE!  This jig really makes adding hardware to your cabinets idiot proof!  See!  We got it done!


I also have to give credit to this beautiful hardware which was provided to me by  Derrick was amazing to work with and answered all my silly questions.  I had a lot of them!!  I truly hate making decisions like these………they seem so permanent!  Be sure to check out their website, they have some really cool hardware!  I know I will definitely be working with them on projects in the future!  It is amazing to me how something as simple as cabinet hardware can change the look of the kitchen.  One thing I want to call out about their hardware that made Mike super happy is the fact that each piece of hardware came with 2 different lengths of screws!  Have you ever bought new hardware and realized the screws that came with it are too short!!  Yeah that sucks!!Did you pin that?  I have more changes for the kitchen on my “little list of ideas”, can’t wait to get busy on them, maybe we will have another ice storm!  (hope not)  Until then, don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram – – – – Hoping I can inspire you in one social media way or another!  And don’t forget to go vote on the color of the chair legs in my Upholstery 101 post, I can’t decide and I’m really wanting to get them finished. 

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