First Days of Summer

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Yesterday was the first day of summer.  Did you know it is also the longest day of the year?  I should have taken a vacation day to enjoy it! Spring has flown by and Mike and I have been busy working on projects around the house, building an addition to the deck Read about it here and of course, I have been dragging home “projects” that need my attention.

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It’s been almost two years since we moved into the new house.  Since then we have focused most of our attention on interior projects like the man cave, shiplap in the master bedroom and the half bath.  I mean, we built the fire pit, she shed and added some landscaping, but our outdoor space is no where near complete!  The first two years we lived here I didn’t even fill my flower pots with flowers.  Summer fail…….  So this year I decided it was time to dig out my old containers and fill them with flowers!


Container gardening is the best!  All it takes to keep them alive is a little attention and a daily dose of water.  Best part, No Weeding!  Flowers will grow almost anywhere which is why I love planting in random containers.


My favorite garage sale find of the summer has to be this antique wash tub.  This thing is tiny and oh so cute!  In it’s day it was used by a gas station attendant to wring out his shammy after washing your windows while he was filling your car with gas.  For you young one’s that read this blog……..they used to do that for you!  Cool don’t you think?!


This old worn out wheel borrow full of holes and a broken wheel can’t be used for yard work anymore, however it makes for a perfect planter!


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With Independence Day just around the corner, I added some flags to the front porch.  Must say, I absolutely love red, white and blue!  Check out my front porch from last year’s 4th of July.  I changed it up a little this year.


Happy Summer everyone!  Get out there and enjoy some summer fun!
P.S. …….I bought a new DSLR camera in December and I am finally learning how to use it.  Lots of things to remember, which is not an easy task for this old mind!

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