The Dog’s House

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Our two fur babies, Cody and Tader, need a place to call home! 

Since they can’t be trusted (they look like they can’t be trusted, don’t they?) when we aren’t home, they spend their days together in their kennel.  If you have dogs, and kennels, you know my decorating pain!  Who wants to see these things?  And where do you put them?! I have to admit, Pinterest has tons of cute ideas, although none of them appealed to my design ideas.

Before “Operation Man Cave” began the boys called the basement home.  I knew I needed to find a new place for their kennel, I am sure Mike wouldn’t go for it sitting in the middle of his Man cave.  This got me to thinking……….  ( <— and that scares Mike!  Especially when I get out my pencil and paper!)


Everyone has a space like this, and anything that gets stored in here is sure to be packed away forever, I mean, how the heck do you get to it?  You know the spot.   

If yours looks like this picture – I am impressed! 


After much debate – we decided to remove one of the studs from the stairway wall to create a door opening and allow room for the dog kennel.  We even added a sliding door to cover it up when they aren’t home. 

This debate was painful, Mike wanted the door opening to be square and I wanted it to follow the line of the stairs (at an angle)……….I won!  I usually do.  I wanted the opening to be as large as possible so we can easily get things in and out and to provide as much light as possible to this dark space.  (I have to add – it doesn’t matter how big the door opening is, Mike still hits his head!)

To see how we made the sliding door click here.


I think they love it!


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  1. Christina says:

    I love all your work! Talented couple you both are!

  2. THANKS!!!! It really is my passion…….my poor husband gets drug into it! (in the end I think he enjoys it!)

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