Spring Porch

Mother nature hasn’t given up her fight to keep winter around as long as she can, but I am over here like – let it be spring already!  I love to decorate my front porch with the seasons and now that our house is on the market, I wanted to show mother nature that I don’t have to take her winter……all spring long, and add a touch of spring decor!

So let’s get our Spring on together shall we?

1. Start here like you would in the house.  Strip the room, in this case the front porch, and give it a good cleaning.  Sweep away all the cobwebs, leaves and well……..dead bugs!


2. Choose a color palette and look for lots of textures that compliment that palette.  Our home is gray so I like choosing colors that are bright.  To tie in our front door, I chose a palette of blues, greens and yellows.  To compliment the palette by using things like galvanized buckets, wicker baskets, woven rugs, fun door mat, plants, flowers and even throw pillows.


3. I try to use things I already have on hand so I am not always spending money to make this space look pretty.  But who am I kidding, we all know it can be fun to bring in a few new pieces!!


4. Layer your textures to make the look come alive and feel inviting.  I picked up this hello rug at Target and layered it with a fun colorful rug I had on hand.


5. Add greens and flowers and place them at varying heights by using unique plant stands and planting containers.


The key to a successful spring porch is simple really, add fun color, plants and things you love!!!  This cute spring porch lasted about two days!  On Saturday it was covered with snow and all these pretty plants and flowers are currently living in my garage! Arrggg………Mother Nature needs to get over winter!

Get your boots out!

It’s supposed to snow again tonight!

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