Neutral Fall Table Scape

Normally this time of year I am craving the bright orange hue of pumpkins and all the colors that come along with this time of year.  It’s fun to transform the look of the house by pulling out all the fall colors that I normally don’t decorate with.  Last year I went all out with a farmhouse style table scape and shared with you several variations.  You can read all about it [HERE].  As you know, this year I decided to work with a neutral pallet.  I have to admit, I am loving it.


I have also vowed to work this years neutral farmhouse fall decorating on a budget – hopefully a zero budget!  I have to admit, I have picked up a few things – like those cute little jarrahdale pumpkins from the dollar spot at Target!  Darn that store for helping me to break my vow!  Wink, Wink, I’m really not mad about it.  Have you heard that Target has partnered with Chip and JoAnna?!?!?!?!!!  Oh My GEEEEE!!!!  I can’t wait and there goes my savings account!


This table scape was really pretty simple to create.  I used this vintage strawberry basket and simply filled it with my newly painted faux pumpkins.  I had a bag of moss left over from another project so I tucked it in around the pumpkins to soften the basket.  I can easily be moved when serving a meal.  You could crate this same look using a basket, tray or even a larger cutting board.


So about that zero budget, I did purchase the jute placemats.  I feel like they don’t count against my fall budget because they will be used for many seasons.  (good excuse don’t you agree?)  I have been wanting some for a long time now, so I finally broke down and got me some!  Best part, I picked them up at Kohl’s originally $7.99 on sale for $3.99!  These creamy white plates have been around for a lot of years – if I could find more of them I would snatch them up because I absolutely love them and can’t find anything I like better.  However, they are very stark against my dark table.  So the neutral tones of the jute really softens the transition between the plate and table.  I made the napkins out of some extra fabric I had left over from some pillows I made.  And those napkin rings, that is how I met my junk friend Karen!  I don’t think I wanted the napkin rings, but it was like an auction deal, you only want one thing in the box but you have to buy the whole box.  She is so sweet!


I hope my simple neutral farmhouse table display has inspired you in some way to decorate this fall.  I have been putting together more neutral fall decorations around the house so stay tuned and I will take you on a little fall home tour when I am done.

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  1. Love your fall colors and the way you decorated. I am also decorating with neutral fall décor and painting my pumpkins too. Have a great fall!

    1. Thanks for following along Kim! I need to come tour your home someday, I know you have amazing taste and you decorating has to be a beautiful as you are!! Happy Fall

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