How to make UGLY Goodwill finds into a beautiful wreath

This project started because I needed a small wreath for my new “old” printers drawer that I got from a great friend!  I wasn’t finding exactly what I was looking for so I decided to make my own wreath.  Normally I would head to the craft store, pick up the supplies and get busy. 

Not this time – I happened to be at Goodwill and spotted this beauty!  Ok – so there was a reason some smart woman put it in the Goodwill bag!  I’m sorry, but this thing is UGLY!


When I spotted this ugly thing I did noticed a couple of things good things!  First I noticed the cute little urn and figured I could always use it somewhere.  Next I noticed the wreath!  It was just the size I had in mind……..minus the ivy and red roses.  I only paid $1.99……..sorry smart lady that threw it away……..this baby has a new home, right after I tear it apart and toss the ivy and roses.


Now to make the wreath.  I bought this greenery bush at Michael’s a while back.  It’s been in my craft box for…..let’s just say………..awhile now!  I cut all the “stem/sprig” pieces from the main stem with scissors and tossed that stem in the trash. 


I started in one section of the wreath, gluing each little cut stem/sprig with my hot glue gun.  I continued to work in one direction making sure all my sprigs were glued in that same direction. 


Keep gluing greenery until you meet the starting point and your done!  Simple as that!  If you are smarter than I am, you even finished without a burn and blisters!  None the less………it is super cute and really easy to make!  Just think of all the ugly grapevine wreaths you see at the second hand stores – I can’t wait to hear what you do with yours!!  

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