Dish Towel Pillows

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Today I am going to show you how to make dish towel pillows.  A fun, inexpensive way to update any room or space using dish towels!   Yup, you heard that right, dish towels!!!  Dish towels come in 1000’s of patterns, textures and colors providing the best fabric for fun and inexpensive throw pillows.


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Remember when I went on my junking weekend with my friend Tabetha?  I shared with you how I love finding feather pillows at second hand stores for pennies!! (Well – more like $1.99) I tear away the outside covers (usually well loved and ugly) and use the insert for pillows that I make covers for.  See how to make pillow covers here.
I found this adorable little pillow at BBB, however it retails for $45!!  Ain’t no body got that kinda green for a cutsie little pillow in my house!  So using this pillow design as my inspiration, I found some dish towels and pompoms and made my own!


Normally I make pillow covers because they are easy to change with the seasons or let’s be real, when I change my mood!  However I like this pillow so much I sewed it shut, so no changing this baby out!

Make your own dish towel throw pillow – here’s how!

Items you need:
2 – Dish towels that are alike
Sewing machine – unless you trust fabric glue or like hand sewing……yuck
Pom Poms (optional)
Fiber Fill

Step 1  Start by cutting your dish towels to the size you want for your pillow (remember to leave enough fabric for seam allowance, about an inch per side)


Step 2 With your dish towel fabric (pillow print side up) lay your pom poms on the edge of the fabric, with the pom poms facing the center of the pillow.


Step 3 Once the pom poms are in place, lay the other dish towel (pillow print side down) and pin the pom poms in place on each edge.  (when pinning, make sure the right sides are together and the pom poms are tucked inside.
Note:  If you are not adding pom poms to your pillow, you can skip these two steps an just pin your two towels together.
Step 4 Carefully sew the two dish towels together making sure you catch the pom pom edge when sewing.
Step 5 Now pin and sew together the other two edges of the pillow leaving about a 2 inch opening on one side to add the fiber fill.

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Step 6 Turn your pillow right side out by turning it through the opening you left for the fiber fill.
Step 7 Add fiber fill to desired fullness.  I left my pillow fairly empty because it won’t be used as an actual pillow, only for looks on my bed and I like them to look soft and squishy not stuffed FULL!
Step 8 Hand sew the 2 inch opening together.  Make sure you tuck the raw edge in and sew using a slip stitch so the stitches and raw edges are concealed within the pillow.


Step 9 ENJOY!

If you want to make your own dish towel pillow but don’t have time now – Pin it Girl!  I’ll be here when you have time!


Enjoy those dish towels – if the form of a pillow instead of during the act of doing dishes!

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