Decorated Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Do you love the look of a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree but don’t want to spend the money to buy one? Let me show you how you can achieve this look with any Christmas Tree. It is a super simple process and doesn’t have to break the bank.

artificial Charlie Brown Christmas tree with sparse branches

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I bought this pre-lit 7.5 foot Christmas tree 4 years ago. I can tell you this is the BEST tree I have ever purchased! It is big, full and so realistic! Normally I don’t love pre-lit trees, because well you know, they eventually stop working. This one is so beautiful that I will keep it even after the lights quit working. It’s that good my friends.

You don’t have to buy a new tree to make a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. You can use one you already have. What is a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree you ask? In my opinion, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree is one that looks like you cut the poor feller out of the woods. The tree no one else wanted because its limbs are sparse and maybe even has a few holes. Let’s make one with your current artificial tree shall we?

fluffing branches of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree

I start with the bottom section of the tree. The key to this entire look, don’t fluff the branches so they look like a peacock in heat. Instead, start at the inner portion of the branch (closest to the trunk) and spread each piece outward (not upward and in all directions). Keep them flat, work your way to the end of the branch. My tree has multiple “branches” at the end of each branch, I like to spread them out, still keeping them flat.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree branch view of flattened branches

I flatten each branch and continue my way up the tree. If you have a tree that has removable branches, you might try leaving a few of them out, especially if your tree is super fluffy.

Charlie Brown Christmas treeworking my way up the tree - flattening branches as I go

You can see that the lower half of my tree is fairly full. If these branches were removable, I would remove the second row to give the tree a more sparse look and feel. Creating your own Charlie Brown Christmas tree is as easy as this. Now it’s time to decorate.

Charlie Brown Christmas tree decorated

Tell me, do you like the look of a Charlie Brown tree of a big ole fluffy one?

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